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At the Sunshine Doll & Teddy Bear Shop we offer a wide selection of collectible Steiff teddy bears.

We'd be happy to introduce you to your next teddy bear treasure!
Here's a partial list of what we have to offer.
If you don't find what you want, let us know....we may be able to locate if for you.

Most of our trade is based on availability. Because our bears are so rare and mainly collectors pieces, availability of old and antique models only happens periodically.

Where we quote prices, these are based on what collectors our ourselves requested at that time, and may not reflect what bears are worth today.

The teddy bear background story can be read here on the NPS website.
We also offer jigsaw puzzles imported from England. Designs are in dolls and teddy bear themes along with many other puzzle themes.
yo can see the full jigsaw puzzles range here.


Celebrate the arrival of the first Teddy bears made by Steiff to the United States in 1903!

The "First American Teddy" is a beautiful classic Steiff bear with an "Uncle Sam" top hat and bowtie. He features a customized ear tag of a miniature American flag. This is the first time a Steiff button in ear tag has ever been modified, in such a way, in the company's history.
Limited Edition: The Year 2003

Size: 38 cm (15 Inches)
$ 245.00 

In 1907 Steiff manufactured almost 1 million bears!

This cinnamon mohair hair bear is inspired by a Steiff original owned by Dee Hockenberry dating back to 1907, the record year of production for Steiff.
Limited Edition 1907
Size: 60 cm (24 Inches)

Size: 38 cm (15 Inches)
$ 395.00 

This off white mohair bear celebrates the first American flag made by Betsy Ross in 1776.

She is inspired by a Steiff original owned by Dee Hockenberry dating back to 1910. She wears an old fashion cap and collar, featuring an antique gold cameo picturing Betsy Ross holding the first American flag.
Limited Edition 1776
Size: 36 cm (14 Inches)

Size: 38 cm (15 Inches)
$ 245.00